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Lunch with the Hungry Cyclist

One of the joys of cycle touring is that you can't take on too many calories. I put it to the test with a man who calls himself the HUNGRY CYCLIST.

In 2005, Tom Kevill-Davies cycled from New York to Rio in search of the perfect meal. Since then he has cycled toured to many parts of the world to continue this voyage. Al Humphreys spent four years cycling around the world on shoestring budget, eating whatever he could get his hands on. In today's globalised world, do we need to go to such length to explore and experience the diversity of cultures that the world possesses? Tom and Al anre putting it to the test in their latest micro-adventure, the A-Z of London Food.

I joined them for their J leg, at the Japanese restaurant Kiraku in Ealing, West London. What a delight it was. From Sushi to Sashimi, there was food for everyone's taste, all beautifully presented with super service. Apologies for spoiling an otherwise excellent video! Conclusion: you don't need to go to Nobu for good sushi.

Many thanks to Al & Tom for the invitation to a great lunch and good luck with your project.

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