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New - Children's Book - The Adventures of Thandie the Tandem

Beyond the Bike's latest adventure is publishing an illustrated book for children aged 5-9, joining forces with illustrator Tim, another teacher and tandem cyclist. The Adventures of Thandie the Tandem is available to buy (from this website) from June 2018. There are more stories to tell and so look out for more Thandie books coming soon. 

Thandie cover low res proofv2  routemap

As most of our loyal blog readers will remember Thandie (pronounced Tandy), is short for Thandiwe  meaning ‘Beloved’ in several African languages. She is a real tandem bicycle which Stuart has cycled through more than 30 countries giving lifts to hundreds of people. In the book Stuart has been replaced by a boy named Timmy. Timmy and Thandie’s adventures are based on real experiences wih some new adventures incorportated into the story. We have left it up to the readers' imaginations to decide what really did happen.

The Adventures of Thandie the Tandem - Timmy and the Elephants

When Timmy receives a letter from his Uncle Max asking him to come to Africa to help him protect the elephants from poachers, he jumps at the chance to leave London and have an adventure. Max sends Thandie the Tandem to help Timmy reach him in Kenya. But will a boy and a tandem bicycle find their way safely through the different countries, even through the desert? And will they be able to save the elephants from the evil Mr Kubwa?

 'A delightful tale of adventure, Africa and saving the elephants, all by bicycle - and raising money for excellent causes. Kids of all ages are going to love it.'

Robert Penn, bestselling author of ‘It’s All about the Bike’.

We (usually with Thandie) will visit schools to speak about our cycling adventures and the book.  We are experienced at school talks having spoken at numerous schools in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, before, during and after their last trip.  We are flexible in the types of talks offered to schools.  Teachers and parents are most welcome too.

The book fits into the KS 1 & 2 currricula. We have included as many of the Year 3 and 4 spellings as possible as well as the language targets. Timmy and Thandie’s travels should provoke ideas for discussion on diversity fitting in with British Values such as ‘mutual respect and tolerance for different faiths and religions’.

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