Children’s books based on the Beyond the Bike adventures             

A delightful tale of adventure, Africa and saving the elephants, all by bicycle - and raising money for excellent causes. Kids of all ages are going to love it.                          Robert Penn, bestselling author of It's All about the Bike


I have had so much positive feedback from parents and children. We are currently reading it in class because the children wanted to - they are absolutely loving it!              Linsay, Year 2 teacher and Literacy Coordinator


I have read Thandie and I loved it so much that there should be a second book.      James, aged 9                                                 


The first book in the The Adventures of Thandie the Tandem series was published in June 2018 and the second published in May 2019. The books, aimed at children aged 5-10, are very much based on real adventures cycling across Africa. They are written by Claire and illustrated by fellow teacher Tim Hole. The books will continue to support our partner charities, both in terms of donating a share of any profits, and also promoting awareness of educational and ecological issues vital for the next generation.


Just to let you know that we finished your book last night- we thought it was fab. It instigated a very interesting conversation with my five year old son about poaching, ivory and Olly questioning ‘why anyone would want to hurt elephants?’. Thought it was brilliantly paced, with dramatic events populating each chapter- Olly even took it into school to talk about it with his class. Look forward to reading more adventures of Thandie the tandem!’       Alex, Father of Olly, aged 5 


My grandson could answer questions about Sudan in school after reading your book!   Susan, Grandmother of James aged 9


‘I really enjoyed the book!  Full of daring adventure! I also liked the map, and the whole idea of listening to stories as he's riding.  I thought the endings of ch. 4 and 9 were especially effective - hearing the voice in the darkness, and opening his mouth to scream - no way you're going to put the book down then!  I also learned a few things.  I knew about poachers but not poacher's gangs.  Also never stopped to think about some poachers being poor and not having jobs and that's why they're poaching.  So, a very enjoyable and educational book!  The illustrations were great, too, and the Note from the Author answered some of my questions - yes, you really did race a giraffe, but didn't meet any poachers.’    Laura, Librarian


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Our Kickstarter campaign has now finished. Thank you to everyone who helped us reach (and pass) our target to enable this first book to be published.  More details on the book can still be found on the kickstarter page.

Although the rewards have all been 'snapped up', you can still buy the book here and we are still offering visits to schools.  Get in touch with us to find out more about school visits at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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