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The concept of the 'Economic Cycle Blog' was in part conceived in Kirkcaldy, the Scottish town which Stuart passed through on his UK warm up ride in 2010. It was most famous in the late 18th century for producing Adam Smith and his seminal work ‘An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations'.

This blog is aimed at A-level & undergraduate students and teachers and explored some of the fundamental economics principles that underlie the everyday actions of societies that he passed through, ranging from the most basic Africa market operating outside of the formal economy to high level international policymaking. An ongoing theme was to explore the role that education plays in economic development.

The Economic Cycle Blog returned as a key part of the 'Next Revolution', hosted by Tutor 2U with support from the Royal Economic Society.

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Since returning, Stuart lectured on the concept at the Economic Research Council & the Tutor 2 U National Conference for economics teachers.

He am looking to turn the concept into a book. Do take a look at the attached proposal (just read the overview!) if you're interested.



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