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Solon to Syriza or How to Save Greece

Solon to Syriza or How to Save Greece
Greece 2

In my first blog on lessons from the financial crisis, I highlighted the importance of history in Economics, looking back to the Great Depression and even further to when China was the world's largest economy. But, as Claire (a Classics teacher) keeps telling me, most of the lessons we need for contemporary society can be obtained by studying the ancient civilisations of Athens and Rome. Thus this is the first, but hopefully not the last, Economic Cycle blog written by her, although she freely admits it has been shamelessly plundered (with his permission) from a truely fantastic lecture by Oxford Classicist Peter Thonemann. I think it is a great read and perhaps Angela Merkel and co should think about some of these ideas... 

Only a few years ago most people’s image of Greece would have been beautiful beaches, whitewashed houses, vile drinks and those causing riots were most likely to be drunken Brits. In 2015 Greece summons up a whole new set of images: mass homelessness, teachers and nurses becoming dependent on food-banks, riots, an economic collapse and a social breakdown more rapid and more violent than anywhere else in the western world since WW2.

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